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Apple is preparing to reopen many Apple Stores in May, including Italy

Deidre O'Brien, Apple's vice president of retail and staffing, has let employees know that they are predicting that many more "Apple Stores will reopen in May. He reports it Bloomberg talking about the reopening of the Apple retail stores, along the lines of what has already been done in China after the closure due to the pandemic from COVID-19

Apple's vice president talked about the reopening in the footage she sends employees to the weekends. He did not specify which stores or regions he referred to but he said generically. We continue to analyze the health situation in each place and I expect that we will reopen many stores in May.

Bloomerg points out that the Seoul retail store opened in early April but, instead of dealing with sales, the employees of this store have so far worked mainly in the field of assistance and taking charge of the devices for repair. Users can still buy products but are subjected to temperature screening at the entrance, as indicated by signs affixed to the entrance

Not knowing which regions will be where the Apple Stores will open first but OBrien previously made it clear to employees that some stores in the USA would reopen in early May. Apple has its physical stores in numerous countries around the world: Europe, North America, Asia, Brazil, Japan and the United Arab Emirates.

In the US, some people are returning to work and in states like Texas, the limitations imposed by the government so far are expected to be eased. In Georgia several activities have been allowed to return to operation for several days. In recent weeks, some Apple employees have taken training from home; other employees provided technical support to users directly from home.

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Although in his message to the employees, the Apple executive does not expressly mention the nations, the multinational has continued to monitor the local situation in each nation for both closings and reopenings, following and sometimes even anticipating local directives.

Now that the Prime Minister Conte has announced the plan for the reopening after the lockdown, without a doubt the multinational is organizing the reopening of the Apple Stores also in Italy. Starting Monday, May 4, we can expect total or partial reopenings of the stores of the Apple Retail chain in our country with safety, hygiene and distance measures to protect the health of employees and visitors, as already seen in recent months in China and beyond .

Apple employees have not yet been told when they can return to work in Apple Park and various offices and locations; CEO Tim Cook previously explained that, when this occurs, measures such as temperature control at the entrance and specific health checks to be carried out will be taken.

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