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Apple is preparing for Earth Day, tinged with green uniforms and the Apple logo

Apple is preparing for Earth Day, tinged with green uniforms and the Apple logo

Apple was among the first IT giants to actively engage in the defense of the environment and eco-sustainability, with substantial investments in renewable energy, recycling, conscious use of environmental and natural resources: among the many green activities for several years now, Apple has celebrated the Earth Day also with more visible initiatives or directly aimed at the public and customers.

It usually does so with dedicated fitness challenges, changing the color of the Apple logo in Apple Stores around the world, but also by making its Apple Store employees wear green shirts instead of traditional blue ones and more.

Already in 2017, Apple celebrated Earth Day by providing the new uniform to its employees, which is also evidenced by the photo published by macrumors, in which the team of one of the Apple stores is filmed, with Angela Ahrendts, Cupertino's global manager at the center. retail division, both for retail and online stores.

Apple has already supplied many of its employees with the new shirt, which they will begin to wear today, Friday 13 April, in all stores in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and also in other countries, including Italy. The new jerseys will most likely be worn for over a week, until the day Earth Day is celebrated, Sunday 22 April.

Beyond the new shirts, Apple celebrates Earth Day by coloring the leaf of the Apple logo in green, so as to display a further symbol of the anniversary in all its retail stores. In addition, the dedicated fitness challenge on Apple Watch has already been released. Who knows if this year too Apple will share a series of images dedicated to our planet, perhaps to be set as wallpaper on Apple devices and computers.

Moreover, this year, to celebrate even more the Earth Day, also the declarations of the last few days: the multinational of Cupertino has announced that it has succeeded in the aim of feeding all its structures, from the shops to the data centers scattered over 43 different countries, with renewable energies, therefore clean, such as wind and solar. With the approach of Earth Day on Sunday 22 April, Apple will also release the new annual report on environmental responsibility: in the document Apple highlights the progress made by the company regarding recycling, renewable energy, reduction of harmful emissions, elimination of hazardous materials or harmful to its products, renewable energies, including improvements achieved by its partners and suppliers.