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Apple is number one in the US music sales chart

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Apple at number one in the US music sales chart logomacitynet1200wide 1

Historical date: for the first time Apple becomes the leading American music retailer. Overtaking against Wal-Mart is marked by NPD MusicWatch Survery, a system for detecting the overall turnover of digital and non-digital music.

The record that refers to the month of January (and which was probably influenced by the strong sales related to Christmas) was disclosed yesterday evening to some Apple employees who marked the event, decidedly relevant, to American websites including Ars Technica. According to the latest research, iTunes would hold the first place with 19% of the market followed by Wal-Mart which is very distant (15%). In third place is Best Buy and fourth in Amazon. The online retailer, the only one that also operates massively with a digital store, sells just 6% of the songs and is therefore one third of the road traveled by Apple. It must be said that Amazon from January launched a massive assault on the digital music market with DRM-free songs, supported by the major record companies in the desperate search for an alternative to iTunes and the dominance of Apple.

The rise of iTunes to the charts was very fast. The Apple store was third less than a year ago (June 2007) when it had just passed Amazon. Apple announced a few weeks ago that it was in second place behind Wal-Mart. At the moment it is not clear whether the data provided by Apple referred to a period prior to that reported by Ars Technica or to a subsequent period; what matters, in any case, that even Wal-Mart had made the "counter-step", the record was made and remains marked in history.

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