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Apple is further expanding the iPad sales chain

Apple still expands the iPad sales chain –

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Apple is also preparing the launch of iPad among Apple Specialists. The American counterpart of the Apple Premium Resellers, stores that sell only Apple products, are currently receiving the necessary instructions to prepare themselves to support the launch of the tablet, in parallel with the Apple Stores and some Best Buy.

Stores and methods are still largely unknown because Cupertino would have imposed on the shopkeepers who will participate in the initiative the secrecy regarding the operation. In practice, no one can say they are part of the commercial launch and cannot even say (or perhaps not even know) how many iPads will be available. very likely, in any case, that the availability will be very reduced both geographically and numerically

As for Italy, I know, as said by Macity a few weeks ago, that a number of Apple Premium Resellers will have iPads. Even in the case of our country the situation is very fluid; from information taken from our site, Apple would have placed the stores in a sort of stand-by, letting them know that only in the next few days precise indications will be provided both on the times of availability and on the quantities of the iPad. However, the stores that will truly have iPads from "day one" are also uncertain. Apple would be creating a sort of "waiting list" which will, at least in part, be based on the ability to offer broad visibility to the iPad, and on the quality of the set-up. The parameters in this sense will be very narrow, even, say the sources consulted by our site, narrower than those already very binding that must be respected in order to have the Apple Premium Reseller license.

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