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Apple iPhone 8 and 8 Plus leave the scene after the arrival of SE 2020

iPhone 9 / SE 2: Plus variant with 5.5 "screen emerges from the iOS 14 code

The arrival of iPhone SE 2020 has reshuffled the catalog of Apple devices resulting in the departure of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. Eliminating iPhone 8 is an objectively justified and understandable choice: the new iPhone SE 2020, in fact, takes over faithfully the design and updates it with the latest components. The situation is different for 8 Plus which, at the moment, he has no direct heir: of iPhone SE 2020 there is no Plus variant with 5.5 "screen, even if there were no indiscretions in this regard in the past weeks.

This model had left traces in the iOS 14 source code and was anticipated in early January by a Digitimes report. Something must be changed during construction leading Apple to the decision not to launch the smartphone together with the 'younger brother' with a 4.7 "screen. Of the two each: the Cupertino house has made assessments on the opportunity to market the smartphone opting for the cancellation of the project or it will take a little more time to complete it.

iPhone 11 is currently the most suitable model to replace iPhone 8 Plus that left the scene with the arrival of iPhone SE 2020

The leaker and youtuber had provided a faint confirmation to the second hypothesis at the beginning of the month Jon Prosser according to which the Plus variant was not yet ready. It is not yet known if Apple will decide to finalize the project and in what timeframe, also because there is still the risk that an iPhone SE Plus will overlap a little too much with iPhone 11 – both in terms of price and type of product. The entry model of the Apple 11 series is currently the most suitable to replace the iPhone 8 Plus.

(update of April 16, 2020, 12:22 pm)