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Apple: "iPad with 3G in Italy from April"

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iPad 3G availability in Italy

Italy officially among the countries that will have the version with cellular connectivity of iPad in late April. To say Apple in a note published on its site, now fully translated into our language, dedicated to the device. “Wi-Fi models – read on the first page of the section dedicated to iPad – available from the end of March. 3G models available from April. "

Until a few hours ago, Apple merely said, following the official press release, that the iPad version with 3G would be available from April "in a select number of countries", without saying whether ours would be among those. The suspicion that Italy would have had iPad for cellular network among the first countries in the world arose from the localization in Italian of the iPad software, but there was no certainty that this would have meant a launch simultaneously with the other countries of the world.

It seems, however, that at least the main European countries will all have iPad 3Gs in April, as it confirms Apple's serious intention to simultaneously open the device market, regardless of agreements with the expected cell phone carriers, according to Jobs's words , for late June or early July, a date that suggests Apple's intention to include the matter in the discussions on the renewal of contracts for iPhones which should expire in the same period.

Nothing new is said about prices. By visiting the page, in fact, only the prices for the American market are obtained, not too indicative, not only for the fact that they are in dollars but also because they are free of taxes which in the USA are never specified in the final price contrary to what happens in Europe.