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Apple: "iPad arrives in late March"

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Apple: "iPad arrives in late March" –

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'IPad will be available from late March'. This is the concise and not too explanatory statement released by Apple tonight, in response to rumors about alleged production difficulties that would run the risk of considerably reducing the availability of the device in the launch days. Wired was the collector of the lace-up replica, who quotes it in the context of an article where he also takes into account the assumptions made by Peter Misek, an analyst at Canaccord Adams, on the delays of the assembly lines.

That it is not a decisive statement is understood by retracing Misek's statements who did not say that iPad will not be available in March, but only that the promised quantities will not be respected and that therefore the availability in channels will be reduced, so reduced that it may not be put on sale immediately outside the US. The fact that Apple reiterates that iPad will be available in March, therefore, does not sound contradictory to the rumors quoted by the Canaccord analyst.

On the other hand, iPad will arrive in stores later this month, probably also from other sources. Apple store managers during a meeting on February 21 would have heard of a 'launch in less than a month', says 9to5Mac, which would suggest a launch for Friday March 19 (Friday one of Apple's favorite days for introduction of high impact products) or perhaps at the latest on Tuesday 23 March. Here too there would be no contradiction with respect to Misek's statements; the possibility of purchasing on that date could, in fact, be reserved for American customers only.

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