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Apple-InterDigital agreement: the iPhone 3G is coming

Apple's intention to land on a third generation cellular network that has become a little more tangible since last Friday: InterDigital, a manufacturer of wireless solutions for mobile phones, has signed a 7-year agreement with Cupertino, to equip both the 'iPhone, both future Apple devices, with 2G and 3G technology.

Recall that InterDigital collaborates with numerous companies in the telephony sector (Nokia, Infineon Technologies, NEC, Sharp, Matsushita (Panasonic) and Japan Radio Company, for the development and supply of 3G connection solutions for mobile phones, as well as having contributed to the development of the third generation standard itself.

Based on the agreement, the company raised its revenue estimates for the third quarter, from $ 53.5 / 54.5 million to $ 55.5 / 56.5 million: an understanding by which the Pennsylvania firm plans to bill at least $ 2 million more than expected.

According to some statements, InterDigital is preparing to receive about 20 million dollars following an agreement signed, but the leaders have not been unbalanced in confirming that this figure may come from Apple itself.

The collaboration between the two companies confirms the arrival, sooner or later, of an iPhone 3G; we do not know if it will be the next European version, as the controversial T-Mobile image we have spoken of would suggest. In any case, the iPhone 3G is now around the corner.