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Apple inaugurates the US App Store for iPad

Apple inaugurates the US App Store for iPad –

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Apple later today launched the "real" iPad store. All the applications for the Apple device, already visible on the tablet by directly launching the ad hoc program, have now been grouped into a single section on iTunes in a desktop version. As seen in the image published at the bottom of this page, in practice the store now divided into two parts, one with the programs for iPhone and iPd touch and one with the programs for iPad. By selecting one of the buttons located at the top of the App page, you can switch between them, with different recommended applications and different rankings.

Apple's attempt, primarily, to help customers choose programs for their reference platform by reducing the risk of downloading the wrong application. If in fact it is true that those who buy an iPhone program that can run them on iPad, it is equally true that those who download an iPad program cannot run it on iPhone, unless it is a "hybrid" application and compatible with both platforms.

A second, perhaps less obvious and undeclared reason, certainly to avoid internal competition between iPhone and iPad applications. As is well known, the costs of the programs for the tablet are higher than those intended for the Apple paperbacks; comparing them you could take the risk on the one hand of pushing someone to make the choice based on the price, on the other of creating a downward mechanism that could bring to the foreground also for iPad the problem experienced by several developers, forced on App Store to compete with poor quality applications that have dragged down the average price of iPhone programs. And what Apple definitely and firmly intends to do to protect the prices of the iPad applications from a deflation that could ward off developers who invest more to create quality programs and that precisely for the climate "all free" (or almost) have held a suspicious attitude towards the Apple Store for iPhone and iPod touch.

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