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Apple: here are the most downloaded apps of 2014

Apple: here are the most downloaded apps of 2014


The best of 2014: here are the most downloaded apps from the App Store | Apple: here are the most downloaded apps from 2014 | App Store, here is all the Best of 2014

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We are almost at the end of 2014 and, as usual, time for rankings, data and statistics.

The list of the most downloaded titles of the year has been compiled on the App Store. Here is all the Best of 2014.

Today, in particular, we offer you the list of the most downloaded applications of 2014 from the Apple App Store for iPhone, iPod and iPad.

The Apple Store a growing virtual store, where new applications and new programs are loaded daily that users can download for free or for a fee. Competition to become first in the rankings it is getting tougher, especially in recent months where, thanks to Swift, more and more developers have managed to create spectacular applications in a simple, easy and fast way.

Creating a game or a program that becomes the most downloaded of the whole year is certainly not easy, but with commitment and dedication someone has succeeded. So let's see together which are the most downloaded apps of 2014 from the Apple App Store for iPhone, iPod and iPad.

In the ranking of paid apps we find in the first three positions 7 Min Workout, Runtastic PRO and Afterlight, followed by the game Plague and the titles Akinator and Geometry Dash. It is interesting to note how at the top of the ranking there are two apps for fitness and sport: users no longer practice sports without these programs!

This is the complete ranking of the most popular paid apps in Italy:

7 Win WorkoutRuntastic PROAfterlightPlague Inc.AkinatorGeometry DashPouSmart Alarm ClockEmoji KeyboardCut the Rope 2

As for the free apps, the most downloaded were Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and QuizDuello. In fourth place we find Facebook, followed by Shazam, YouTuve and Google Maps. No big surprise: everyone criticized the Facebook Messenger program, especially when Facebook has disabled the ability to reply to Facebook private messages from the official app and made it mandatory to download Messenger to exchange private messages with your friends.

Here she is top ten complete of the most downloaded free applications in Italy:

Facebook MessengerWhatsAppQuizDuelloFacebookShazamYouTubeGoogle Maps2048InstagramSpotify Music

Finally, the most profitable apps it was Candy Crush Safa, Clash of Clans and Hay Day. Again, no surprises.

Of all these applications listed, how many have you downloaded? I am ready to bet that you have more or less all of them

You can consult the complete list on this page of the iTunes Store. Good fun.

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