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Apple fires some employees

Apple fires some employees logomacitynet1200wide 1

According to some Internet sites, yesterday yesterday Apple fired an unknown number of employees, between 25 and 50 depending on the sources. The staff cuts would not be located in a specific location; it would be largely for Apple Care workers. Among the dismissed there would be simple employees but also mid-level executives and perhaps even a manager placed in prominent positions. The dismissal, which has not been confirmed by Cupertino, comes at a particular moment in the world of IT that shows persistent weakness. The cut in employees in any case is irrelevant when compared with what happens in other companies such as Gateway which could lay off 25% of its workforce, almost 5000 employees. On the contrary, and beyond the dismissal of a few dozen employees who seems to be more a strategic choice than a reduction in staff, in recent days Apple has announced that it has even increased the number of its employees. Most of them are located in the sales sector and in the stores that Apple now has in various American centers. Apple employees have also been placed in some CompUSA stores.

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