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Apple FinalCut Pro 3.0.2.

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Apple FinalCut Pro 3.0.2. – logomacitynet1200wide 1

With version 3.0.2 available in Mac OS Classic (9.2.2) and Mac OS X (10.1.1) versions, a fundamental step in Apple's history is indelibly marked, in fact on the download page we read: β€œWith the release of the version 3.0.2 the future developments of FinalCut Pro under Mac OS 9 are finished.

All future developments will take place under Mac OS X. Apple continues to provide technical support to the versions of FinalCut Pro compatible with Mac OS 9 ", a statement that suggests that the same behavior should be assumed for the next updates of the Apple applications.

Version 3.0.2 increases the application's performance and stability by making FinalCut Pro perfectly compatible with DVD Studio Pro 1.5. Updated the "real time" effect which is now optimized also for the 1 GHz dual G4s. To download the update, provide the serial number of FinalCut Pro 3 in the various versions (Retail / Upgrade, NFR – Not For Resale, Academic, Academic Lab) directly on the download page. Apple intends to know the opinion of users about FinalCut Pro to continue to improve, so if you use it, hurry to answer Cupertino's ten questions, you "risk" to win filters by Eiperle CGM.

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