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Apple Expo, I see, I foresee and I see

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A few more hours and Apple Expo in Paris will open. To inaugurate the European exhibition, which according to the Cupertino company will be the most important ever set up on the old continent, Steve Jobs will appear on stage. The presence of the world's most popular iCeo since that world world means news, entertainment and announcements of new products. The trademark has been respected in all major American events and even the MacWorld Expo in Tokyo was no exception. If, therefore, the premises will also be respected in Paris Jobs, between a joke and another, between one demonstration and another, caver some surprises from the cylinder. Let's see what, in our opinion, by order of probability could reach us from the transalpine show.MacOs X public beta: 99% That the public beta of MacOs X will arrive in Paris is not a hypothesis, it is, rather, a certainty. His release was heralded by Jobs himself during the San Francisco Seybold and we don't see how he can get back his promise. Rather, one wonders if it will actually be available on the show or if it can be ordered at the end of the show, but these are formal quibbles. Why don't we give the release 100%? Some last-second draft (or anger) always possible. In the middle there are Jobs …New iBooks: 85%Here too we are more in the order of certainties than of probabilities. Aside from the revelations about the not forgotten Worker Bee (which announces new iBooks in addition to the Cube), there are a number of convergent elements that impose it, such as the aging of the line and a sharp drop in sales. It remains to be seen at what level of renewal of the range. According to some sources it could be a simple speed bump with renewed colors, according to others a more radical transformation with even a new processor, the IBM PPC 750CX. To support this thesis, some statements from Big Blue that last spring indicated autumn as the date of release, autumn "in a new Apple laptop". Personally, as we will explain in a future article, it could be a middle ground: moderately renewed hardware (with the addition of a version with FireWire) but not a radical transformation.Radeon cards as build to order: 65%ATI's Radeon cards are now ready, so much so that the Canadian company could announce their availability for sale by the end of the month. If what we all knew last July in New York had not happened, they would have been build to order on the Apple Store ever since. Now two months later, it would be desirable that Jobs decide to put that unpleasant episode behind him and allow Mac users to get their hands on this hardware accelerator. We do not know if this will happen from Paris, but given that not only users but also third parties ask for it and since there is no better date on the horizon we believe that it could be the Expo the arrival of the Radeons. Most likely it would be a build to order on the Cube but later, perhaps before the end of the year, the Radeons will be on all high-end machines. Of course there is always the possibility that Jobs could continue to "punish" Ati, but it would be a very incomprehensible and even masochistic policy.Office 2001: 60% Office 2001, is learned from many sources, now in the final phase so much that Microsoft would have sent it to the duplication. Its release could therefore be announced precisely at the Expo and constitute one of the most important news of the exhibition. On the other hand, German and French versions would be available immediately as a sounding board for the event also in the old continent. Unfortunately for the Italian version we will probably have to wait a little longer …Final Cut 2 40%Final Cut 2 would be ready for some time. In recent weeks, some American users would even have seen billboards announcing the release of the Seybold. His presentation in Paris possible, although not probable. The announcement is not of absolute importance for all Mac users and could end up drowned in the sea of ​​news. In Los Angeles there will be a conference on QuickTime in October and that could be the best occasionQT 5.0 25%QuickTime very close to the release of version 5.0., Although no public beta has been presented yet. Paris could be a good stage for its launch (in Europe there are many developers, among the best in the world, in the use of QT technologies) but the conference on QuickTime of which we said a little more about an even better opportunity.Nvidia cards for Mac 20%Nvdia has explicitly admitted that it is working to produce MacOs-compatible chips and that it has an announcement in the fall or winter. Paris could therefore be one of the useful dates, but scrolling through the list of exhibitors there is no trace of the manufacturer of 3D cards and then, frankly, the coincidence with the more than likely announcement of the Radeons cuts many hopes …PowerBook G4: 20%Many American sites have heralded the release of the PowerBook G4 so many times that it prevented an exact calculation. Since last February, false alarms have followed at a rate of at least one a month. It is logical that even for Paris some sites will launch again in the bold prediction. In reality there are few reasons to support this thesis and some of these, in particular the technical ones, so strong as to leave room for few illusions. Although the G4 is proving thrifty in terms of consumption and park in terms of heating, more expensive and warmer than the G3. In addition, its performance is not superior to that of its predecessor in the tasks for which it is most frequently used in a laptop. Finally, the PowerBook 2000 series has only six months of commercial life against a year (on average) of previous versions. If ever there will be a PowerBook G4 this could then appear at the next MacWorld in San Francisco or Tokyo, certainly not in Paris.MacPalm: 5%Someone still thinks that Jobs could fill the still empty box that was generated in the Apple product table with the release of the Cube right in Paris. The "prosumer" laptop, somewhere between an iBook and a PowerBook or, better, between an iBook and a PDA, could be the ideal candidate. But from Cupertino in recent months they have already cut short on the subject ("we don't care," said Schiller). Even more decisive in closing any possibility in this regard is the extremely fluid situation in the handheld sector that advises even protagonists like Palm itself to be very careful, let alone a desktop manufacturer like Apple.