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Apple Expo 08: a Remix for the latest edition? The photo gallery

Whoever arrives in Hall 5, after following all the editions of the Apple Expo, will be a bit puzzled: the entrance has been moved by the stairs leading to Porte de Versailles on the left side of the exhibition area which leads to the central part of a salon that has increasingly shrunk over the years. An Apple Expo is very strange without the direct exposure of the protagonist brand: not that iPod, iPhone, Mac of all kinds and ad hoc solutions are missing for the always active market of French apple but in the space once occupied by the machines and by the many Cupertino employees we find the elegant but reduced stand of Orange which will be the reference for the sale of iPhones in France but surely it displaces the poorly informed who expected to find here like all the years the reference point of the Cupertino company.

All around there is a common feature in the setting up of the stands: those covered or built with three-dimensional structures or portals have practically disappeared to make room for colored walls or at the limit of large curtains. Even Microsoft, which seems to have invested the most in exhibition space, has renounced the usual structures and has opted for an open space surrounded by large illustrated walls. Less exhibitors and smaller stands and some of these are made with a prefabricated structure common to many spaces. . Some names like Griffin seem to have dusted off the old exhibitors 8 years ago when the company had not yet benefited from the boom in the iPod market.

The reason for this behavior soon said: the adhesions and booking payments for the show by the exhibitors date back to last January when Apple's defection was still unknown and many of those who had already invested in the spaces preferred not to spend large amounts in the booths, only showing the products in the most essential (and cheapest possible) form.

However, this is not an uninteresting fair as we will see in the next there are several presented for the first time here to the general public and some absolute novelties able to become protagonists on the Mac, iPod and iPhone market at the end of the year.

What about the audience? We arrived on the second day of the 4 to which the exposure was restricted and at 10 am the audience did not seem so large; then as happens here in Paris the majority of visitors arrived around 12 to densely populate the corridors and stands until around 16-17. In recent years, the general public stayed until around 6 pm on the third day, but remember that the last day of work for many means for many to return to the suburbs for the weekend. As usual, the stands dedicated to training are crowded, the courses Adobe, graphics, photos and videos are very popular.

In this first gallery we show you the "atmosphere" of the Expo and then move on to the review of the most important products and those that we have awarded with our Best of Expo in the next few hours.