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Apple expands the There’s More To iPhone campaign with three new commercials

Apple espande la campagna There’s More To iPhone con tre nuovi spot

Apple expands the Theres More To iPhone campaign, literally c more with iPhone, launched in 2018 in Germany, now also available in the United Kingdom and France with three new short Cupertino commercials.

Instead of focusing on the technical specifications and functions of the latest iPhones, in this campaign the multinational highlights its ecosystem, focusing in particular on the complete protection of user data, which are never sold to third-party companies for marketing purposes.

Of course, the protection of personal data takes place both at the level of services and software and on Cupertino devices. While the first commercial Theres More To iPhone reaffirms Cupertino's commitment to protecting the privacy of personal data, the second video informs that if iPhone is always lost, it is possible to remotely erase all the data stored on the smartphone.

Still in the same campaign, Cupertino highlights the 360-degree commitment to safeguard the environment, not only with the exclusion of dangerous, harmful or war-like materials during the construction phase.

In the third short spot, the company talks about Daisy, the new generation robot designed by Apple for the dismantling of old iPhones, an automatic system that allows you to recover parts and materials that will be recycled and used to build new Cupertino products. A strategy that allows to reduce metals and other raw materials that must be extracted from the Earth.

As mentioned, the Theres More To iPhone g campaign was launched last year in Germany, and now also in the United Kingdom and France: in addition to the three promotional videos, also with mini sites dedicated to each nation that contain further descriptions and information materials. With this new expansion of the initiative in mind, Cupertino will in all likelihood produce other versions also localized in other countries.

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