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Apple expands "Programming is for everyone" to offer more resources on coding to teachers and students

Apple amplia “Programmare è per tutti” per offrire più risorse sul coding a insegnanti e studenti

Apple has presented a completely redesigned version of the Programming for All course to bring more students from elementary and middle schools to the world of code. Already available, the new program includes even more resources for teachers, a new student guide and updated Swift Coding Club materials.

Millions of students in over 5000 schools around the world are already using us. Programming for everyone to give life to their ideas and develop fundamental skills such as creativity, collaboration skills and problem-solving skills. In addition, starting today and around the world, anyone who wants to learn to write his first lines of code will be able to sign up for thousands of free Today at Apple programming sessions to be held in December in the Apple Store to celebrate Computer Science Education Week .

Apple expands Programming for everyone to offer more resources on coding to teachers and studentsThe new course Programming for all takes up and extends the existing range of interactive puzzles, guides and activities to make the programming even more accessible and closer to the daily life of the students. Programming for everyone: a new guide to Swift Playgrounds dedicated to students; each chapter helps them make the most of what they already know, experiment with new programming concepts and communicate creatively the impact the code has on their lives.

flanked by a guide for teachers teaching ideas to bring programming into the classroom and to facilitate, deepen and evaluate learning. Designed to be accessible to all students, the new course Program for all optimized for VoiceOver includes videos with subtitles and audio descriptions, as well as videos in American sign language.

The new course Programming for all integrates the guides to Apple's Creativitper projects to help students express what they have learned, drawings, music, videos and photos. Designed to unleash the creative spirit of boys and girls during the school day, the Creativity guides for all provide teachers with effective and fun tools to easily integrate creative skills in the lessons of any subject, from alachymic computing.

Apple expands Programming for everyone to offer more resources on coding to teachers and students

Apple celebrates Computer Science EducationWeek

From December 1st to 15th, the Apple Stores will organize even more sessions at Today at Apple on the code to offer thousands of opportunities to celebrate the Computer Science Education Week. The free interactive sessions are designed to enable all participants to approach coding, regardless of their level of experience. During the sessions, budding programmers will explore block programming with robots, while the more experienced will be able to start using Swift Playgrounds to learn new concepts or write the code of an actually augmented experience.

Some Apple Stores will also offer special sessions for coders of all ages. Children and girls in preschool will be able to participate in preparatory activities in the new Lab coding with Helpsters, a team of cute monsters who love to solve problems, protagonists of the new series of creators of Sesame Street now aired on Apple TV +. In addition, participants of all ages can learn from Apple Distinguished Educators, from Apple Entrepreneur Camp innovation champions, as well as developers and artists. Customers can already sign up for sessions Schedule with Apple.

For the seventh year, Apple will support the Code with a new Hour of Code Facilitator Guide, designed to help teachers and parents organize sessions with Swift Playgrounds and some of the more than 200,000 educational apps available on the App Store.

Prepare students for university and work

For users with more advanced needs, including students who are attending higher education and universities and are preparing for the world of work, the Swift Development course provides the techniques and practical tools needed to access highly qualified and highly sought-after job positions. both for novice students with the code, and for those who already have experience, and it also allows you to prepare for a carrier in the world of programming with a free AP Computer SciencePrinciples course and the opportunity to obtain a certification recognized by the sector.

We remind you that Apple's free guides to the Creativity for All program are available in Italian from the beginning of this year. Of the new free courses Today at Apple in the Apple Store based on programming we talked about in this article. All Macitynet articles on Apple programming courses are available from this page.