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Apple expands Made for iPhone for USB-C accessories and Lightning adapter to stereo jack output

Apple expands Made for iPhone for USB-C accessories and Lightning adapter to stereo jack output

Cupertino has extended the specifications of the MFi Made for iPhone program to include USB-C ports and connectors and also those that make possible a new adapter from Lightning to stereo jack output. Cupertino has always preferred proprietary connectors for the world of iPhone, iPad and iPod, but the choice to also include the non-proprietary USB-C standard is now justified by the growing diffusion of USB-C cables and connectors and also by the desire to facilitate accessory manufacturers third parts.

Final USB-C

Companies enrolled in the MFi program can now include USB-C ports in Made for iPhone, iPad and iPod certified accessories, with the possibility of using ports and cables included with Macs. Apple has made the extension of the Made for iPhone specifications at the beginning of this year but it has only been reported in these hours by 9to5Mac. In the documentation Cupertino indicates speakers and external batteries among the accessories that can benefit from USB-C ports for charging. By taking advantage of Mac ports and cables, third-party manufacturers enrolled in the MFi program can reduce costs and also the final sale price by not including cables and adapters in the package. Of course, the standard choices and limitations of the Apple universe remain in force: for example, the new MFi specifications for USB-C do not allow you to build accessories with pass-through charging or even to synchronize an iOS device, functions that remain exclusive to the Lightning proprietary connector.

With the new specifications, a new type of adapter from Lightning to 3.5mm stereo jack output is now possible. So far it does not seem that this specification has been used to market an MFi accessory, in any case previously to obtain this connection it was necessary to use the Lightning to stereo jack adapter and then a jack – jack cable. Recall that in these days Cupertino has also renewed the Made for iPhone logo by eliminating the stick figures of the devices and changing the order of the names.