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Apple, even an iPhone on the horizon?

The mobile phone developed in collaboration with Motorola could only be the first step for Apple in the field of mobile telephony. The next could be the launch of other phones with iTunes and then, at the end of the road, there could also be a phone with the Apple brand. To think of it in this way Tim Bajarin, a Creative Strategies analyst who also has very specific ideas on how this reissue of the (once) vociferatissimo ?iPhone? should look like.

According to Bajarin, the phone with the Apple logo would look very similar to an iPod. Indeed, it would actually be an iPod with a telephone module, so as to be equipped with a click wheel. Inside a memory that can contain not the skimpy 100 songs of ROKR, but thousands of songs and photos.

According to Bajarin such a device could have a great commercial success for Apple. Out of a sample of 200 people interviewed, 18% said they were very interested in a "music" phone from Apple. With 750 million phones sold worldwide each year and only 57 million MP3 players, it is clear that Apple's potential business and huge profit prospects are equally huge.

But going from market potential to facts would not be so immediate. In fact, according to Bajarin, Apple faces many obstacles. The first is the need to find a partner to make the phone build; secondly, Cupertino should enter into agreements with the telephony carriers to which to entrust the distribution of the telephone and agree on the music download service over the air. Bajarin takes it for granted that an "iPhone" would make sense only when Apple decides to open the purchase of music from iTunes through the cellular phone network.

According to the Creative Strategies analyst, the iPhone will therefore not see light for at least a year or even more. The time it takes Apple to study the market and, in addition to finding the right partners, also to verify the response that the ROKR experiment will have from customers.