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Apple distributes the first Xserve rack servers

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"Apple has announced the start of the distribution of Xserve, the new and very powerful server rack of the Apple house: since the introduction of the product, last May, to date, it has received orders for over 4000 units. In addition, recent functional tests have shown that Xserve outperforms similarly configured but far more expensive servers in terms of web serving, hard disk capacity and management of BLAST, a highly demanding application in the field of bioinformatics.

"A few weeks have passed since we introduced Xserve and we have already received more than 4000 orders," said Phil Schiller, Apple's senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing. β€˜Xserve, on the other hand, has many cards to play: G4 processors, high storage capacity, extraordinary I / O performance and Mac OS X Server software with unlimited client license. Without a doubt an attractive solution for those looking for a 1U server, suitable for rack mounting, powerful, but without spending a capital. "

Official sector data show that Xserve, thanks to exceptional features, outperforms more expensive, similarly configured, Dell, IBM and Sun branded servers. The products have been directly compared in web serving operations, in the implementation of BLAST and for hard disk functionality. Xserve has "pulverized" the competition. Let's see how.

Apache web serverXserve can support 60% more connections on an Apache web server than IBM's eServer x330. Based on the WebBench * parameters, an Xserve system that uses Apache on Mac OS X Server allows 4051 web connections per second, compared to 2547 of the IBM antagonist with Apache in Linux. Xserve represents a robust and accessible server platform, even for highly sophisticated and demanding web applications.

BLAST implementation In the DNA research managed by the BLAST application, Xserve proved up to 19 times faster than Sun systems. The servers were tested with a quantity of 'sieving' data greater than 34MB: Xserve worked with Apple / Genentech BLAST Sun Fire V100 used NCBI BLAST on Solaris and IBM's x330 instead of NCBI BLAST on Linux. With terms of length 8, Apple's Xserve speed is nearly 8 times faster than the IBM server and more than 19 times that of the Sun server. With terms of length 40, Xserve 5.8 times faster than IBM and 13.9 times faster than Sun. Xserve with Apple / Genentech BLAST reduces search times from an order of hours to a matter of minutes and is particularly valuable in the genetic investigations that scientific users carry out every day.

Disc performance The perfect integration between Apple hardware and software, and the exclusive architecture of the independent ATA units allow Xserve to offer a higher level of disk performance compared to servers based on SCSI modules. And, moreover, at reduced costs. Xserve's performance exceeds 110MB of sustained throughput, with a four-way RAID ATA striping technique; in the case of Dell's PowerEdge 1650 with hardware RAID controller and three-way SCSI RAID striping, this value is around 70MB.

Xserve embodies the ideal balance between high-end performance, capacity and price. The dual 1GHz PowerPC G4 processors each have 2MB of L3 DDR (Double Data Rate) cache and the DDR SDRAM memory can reach 2GB of capacity. As for storage, Xserve gets top marks, with a total that touches 480GB on four hot-pluggable ATA / 100 units; network connections use standard Dual Gigabit Ethernet ports. Xserve includes an unlimited-client license for Mac OS X Server, thus providing users with a perfect combination for file / print services, video streaming, database applications, clustering technologies and web and mail serving.

Apple offers a wide range of high-level support services for Xserve, with interventions at the customer's site within 4 hours (in some selected cities), continuous technical support (24 hours a day, 7 days a week), kits of AppleCare parts and the AppleCare Professional program.

Prices and availabilityXserve available as of now on the Apple Store online site ( and at Apple authorized resellers. Xserve is supplied in two standard configurations, but can be totally customized to adapt to specific user requirements. The standard configurations are as follows:

– single 1GHz PowerPC G4 processor, 256MB of DDR RAM, 60GB Apple Drive Module ATA / 100, Dual Gigabit Ethernet, CD-ROM and Mac OS X Server (unlimited clients), at the Apple Store price of 3599.00 euros (VAT excluded);

– 1GHz dual PowerPC G4 processor, 512MB of DDR RAM, 60GB Apple Drive Module ATA / 100, Dual Gigabit Ethernet, CD-ROM and Mac OS X Server (unlimited clients), at the Apple Store price of 4799.00 euros (VAT excluded). "