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Apple deletes an app that monitors activities on Instagram from the App Store

Apple deletes an app that monitors activities on Instagram from the App Store

Last October Instagram decided to delete the "follow already" tab where it was possible to see in detail which posts the accounts followed had put a like or where they had left a comment.

A deliberate decision, of course, especially to respect user privacy. According to Instagram, in fact, this function was not particularly used, probably because it was not well known; consequently, users often were not aware of the fact that all their activities were shown to followers.

But the "follow already" tab was not the only way to view users' activities followed on Instagram. There is indeed also an application for iOS, called Like Patrol, which offers its approximately 300 subscribers (at a cost of about $ 80 a year) a series of features that can allow users to monitor someone's behavior on Instagram without their knowledge. For example, it can show if there was an interaction with a post from a man or a woman.

Last October, Instagram would send a letter from "cessation and withdrawal" to the developer of Like Patrol who, in recent days, has been eliminated from the App Store to have them "violated the guidelines" although Apple has not added more details. The developer's response was not long in coming. Sergio Luis Quintero stated in an email that he will fight to return to the App Store again.

"We firmly believe that our app does not violate Apple's policies, we expect to appeal against this decision in the coming days. If the functionality of our app violated any policy, even Instagram would have violated the exact same policies from 2011 to 2019 with his tab … Why wasn't he removed? "

Quintero, meanwhile, has also decided that in the coming days it will make the tools used by the app open source for everyone.