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Apple could split the launch of the iPhone 12 5G into two brackets

As has happened in the past with iPhone XS and iPhone XR Apple could divide the launch of the iPhone 12 5G into two brackets this year, postponing the models with faster connectivity until December of 2020 or even January 2021.

All reports agree that the first iPhone 5G will be unveiled in September, all with OLED screens but even the highly informed Ming Chi Kuo has not unbalanced on the connection technology that could be the slower one below 6GHz, the faster one mmWave or with support for both.

iphone 12 5g

Now a new report by Mehdi Hosseini of the analysis company Susquehenna claims that Cupertino could arrive on the market by dividing the launch into two: first with terminals compatible with 5G technology below 6GHz and only after months with 5G mmWave technology which for they could only arrive in December of this year or even in January 2021.

According to the most popular advances, it is expected that Apple will choose 5G connectivity technology based on local and regional diffusion. Employing universal modems, Qualcomm Cupertino could disable technology not supported by software, presumably with savings on licenses and patents due to Qualcomm. It should be borne in mind that it is cheaper for operators to implement 5G networks below 6GHz that have greater range, compared to the faster mmWave which offers less range and therefore requires a more widespread presence of towers and antennas.

Apple will launch 5 new iPhone 2020s and an iPhone 2021 without connectors

According to Hosseini, the large anticipated time gap between the release of the iPhone 12 5G in two brackets below 6GHz and the mmWave models was due to Cupertino's decision to internally build the antenna modules, Antenna-in-Package signed AiP, instead of buying them. ready from third party suppliers.

For this 2020, the arrival of five new iPhones is expected: in addition to the inexpensive iPhone 9 that many refer to as iPhone SE 2, four new iPhone 12 5G are expected, all OLED in September with a renewed design. All that has emerged so far on the iPhone 2020 in this article, instead for all that there is to know about the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro range, we refer to this in-depth analysis of macitynet.