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Apple celebrates iTunes five years

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Apple celebrates the five years of the store's life on the American iTunes Store (you must have set the USA store as the default store to access the page directly from the link). A special page that appeared during the day today; inside you can navigate in a sort of 'as we were' with the top tracks and CD charts from 2003 to last year.

Apple, recalling the opening of April 28, 2003, also celebrates the constant growth of content, from 200,000 songs from its debut to as many as 10 million today.

Recall that the iTunes Music Store (today only the iTunes Store as a consequence of the opening of the video section) was first opened to Windows (in October 2003) and then exported abroad. On June 15, 2004 he landed in Germany, France and the United Kingdom and on October 26 of the same year he also arrived in Italy (as well as in other 8 countries of the European Union). The last country to have had the Apple store was New Zealand on December 6, 2006.

Today iTunes, as known, sells as well as music, music videos, films, audiobooks, games and distributes educational content prepared by universities. It also performs the function of software for the podcast and allows you to buy films, TV shows, sporting events and shows and rent films. Not all of these features are available internationally. The video part of iTunes, both that of music clips, and that of TV shows such as films, for example not available in Italy. The section of TV shows outside the USA reserved, in any case, for very few countries: the United Kingdom, Canada and Germany. The films are only available in the US, although Apple has shown (almost two years ago, almost) its interest in an international expansion.