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Apple CarPlay preview for iOS 13: light mode and many new features

CarPlay for iOS 13: design

Today, with CarPlay for iOS 13, Apple goes a step further and proposes an update in which the Dashboard was introduced, several new apps and the existing apps have been improved.

About a year ago, Apple had updated CarPlay for iOS12 with support for third-party navigation apps, including Google Maps eWaze, allowing drivers to use alternatives to Apple for the first time. Today, with CarPlay for iOS 13, the company goes a step further and proposes an update in which the Dashboard, several new apps and the existing apps have been updated.

Apple CarPlay for iOS 13: design

CarPlay on iOS 13 has several design changes designed to make the infotainment system more similar to the iPhone X and its later versions. For example, the virtual Home button has been replaced with two icons showing the app launcher or the new Dashboard function. The icon is in the same position (bottom left or right depending on where you are driving) and works the same way with prolonged pressures that recall Siri, only the virtual home button, inspired by the pre-iPhone X era, was withdrawn.

In the status bar, the time, network status and recent apps have been reorganized to make it easier to switch between apps without having to go to the Home screen. CarPlay also has rounded corners like modern iPhones and iPads, and every integrated CarPlay app has an updated design as part of iOS 13.

CarPlay for iOS 13: design

New Apple CarPlay iOS 13: design

Apple CarPlay for iOS 13: the dashboard

So what is the Dashboard? the biggest redesign of the CarPlay Home screen since this product was first launched. If over the years we have already seen the possibility of rearranging apps and hiding selected apps, CarPlay for iOS 13 adds an additional Home screen, to the left of the existing icon grid, which presents a dynamic cluster of information.

The left half of the Dashboard shows the position on a map, the current navigation or an overview of the route; the right half, on the other hand, is even more dynamic and allows quick access to short-term calendar events, which may include addresses, route suggestions, controls for reproduction for audio apps and Siri suggestions, including HomeKit actions, how to open the garage when you get home.

The dashboard looks better in widescreen displays, but works perfectly even on standard screens that use CarPlay, wired or wireless, depending on the device. In short, the new feature offers many utilities on a single screen without having to switch from one application to another.

apple for ios 13: the dashboard

New Apple CarPlay: the dashboard

New apps and CarPlay modes

Apple CarPlay for iOS 13 also introduces two new integrated apps: Settings and Calendar.

The new Calendar app for Apple CarPlayfor iOS 13 it shows the current date from the icon just like on iPhone, furthermore you can easily view current and future appointments. You can also tap an appointment to view more details and even launch the Maps app to navigate to a saved address for an event.

Apple Maps intelligently organizes the addresses of upcoming appointments and the new Calendar app offers more information and more control, including, for example, the ability to easily initiate a phone call for a meeting, if there is a phone number associated with a event.

The new Settings app includes three sections: do not disturb while driving, and then the appearance and suggestions in Dashboard.

Do not disturb limits who can contact you while you are driving: in practice, if you have this function active, you can decide to respond with an automatic message that tells the sender that you are driving. The function can be activated or deactivated from the Settings app on CarPlay for iOS 13. You can also change the automatic answer function to anyone, favorites, recent or all.

It is also possible to disable Siri's suggestions in the new Dashboard feature.

While iOS 13 introduces a new Dark Mode theme for the first time, Apple CarPlay for iOS 13 gets its own first Light Mode theme as an option. You can keep CarPlay in Dark mode all the time or, optionally, automatically switch from light mode to dark mode. It is not possible to run the light mode at night, although the new option is intended to improve readability in bright environments and could be a distraction in dark environments.

  apple for ios 13: new apps

Siri On Apple CarPlay iOS 3

Siri handles most of the Apple CarPlay experience for iOS 13 and there are some changes to its behavior on CarPlay for iOS 13. For beginners, Siri blocks the display less when it is requested, replacing a full-screen prompt with a layer translucent behind the Siri waveform.

Siri can also be called with the phrase Hey Siri using the car's microphone on supported cars, but the technical requirements for implementing this feature may limit its adoption for a while.

Siri on the new Apple carplay iOS 13

Siri on the new Apple carplay iOS 13


Apple Music has achieved a rejuvenated look in CarPlay for iOS 13 that better emphasizes the advice on the album.

The CarPlay Now Playing app also features a new blue icon, which changes from the original version, in which there was the classic red-orange icon.

Apple Music

Apple CarPlay on ios 13: music


Apple Maps on the new Apple CarPlay has been updated with improved details for driving, with warnings before intersections, improvements in route planning and new ability to easily share estimated time of arrival with contacts during navigation.

Apple also pointed to improvements to Siri while browsing:

A more natural language improves the browsing experience. So instead of saying 1,000 feet, turn left, Siri says, turn left at the next traffic light. Improved navigation also helps to reach the precise destination, which is particularly important for large places.

You can also search for nearby locations along the way.

New Maps in Apple CarPlay

Apple carplay on iOS 13: maps

…and so on

CarPlay for iOS 13 also includes additional changes and new features that could be needed more in the future, but we will have to wait and see which car manufacturers will actually adopt the system. Apple has long outdated carmakers in developing new features that improve the integration of CarPlay with cars, so the goal is for customers to automatically receive updates by updating their iPhone.

Apple also claims that Siri will be able to control more apps when iOS 13 is launched in the fall, including Waze and Pandora, bringing third-party navigation and entertainment apps to the same level of functionality with Apple's integrated apps.

One of the most subtle changes to the new Apple CarPlay is the display of independent apps, a feature that solves a classic problem with CarPlay. Now, with iOS 13, CarPlay changes apps independently of the iPhone and this solves the annoying problem that occurs when the driver uses Maps for navigation while a passenger is using the iPhone for something else.