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Apple Canada preparing an event?

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Apple Canada preparing an event? logomacitynet1200wide 1

The idea of ​​monitoring the movements of Apple executives to understand the strategies and operations in progress, including every single small progress of the highly talked iPhone, is not new. The brilliant idea was originally attributed to Kathryn Huberty, an analyst at Morgan Stanley who studied the flight hours and running costs of Jobs' corporate jet to deduce the future of the iPhone. Macity covered the topic in this article and today we can say that idea and predictions have been confirmed by the latest international iPhone developments.

Now the same technique has been used to investigate the probable launch of the iPhone in Canada, immediately after the presentation of June 9, the day of commencement of work on the World Wide Developer Conference. This time to be controlled remotely not Steve Jobs but employees of the Canadian Apple section: an unspecified number of Apple representatives were summoned to the headquarters in Markham Ontario for a meeting of which nothing was leaked. The news was published by Electronista. From here we learn that all Apple Canada employees involved in the trip have refused to answer any questions. Finally, the exceptional nature of the event would be confirmed by the fact that a meeting in the headquarters is an unusual choice for Apple: remote voice and video conferences are usually held.

These details combined with the approach of June 9, the date on which the whole planet awaits the presentation of the new iPhone by Steve Jobs, push us to consider today's meeting as an important preparation for the entry of iPhone in Canada.

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