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Apple calls UNIX developers

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Apple calls UNIX developers – logomacitynet1200wide 1

One of the most interesting announcements of the last WWDC was the data concerning the new developers who have approached the platform since the transition to Mac OS X began, of which, according to Apple, half are professionals and commercial realities who have worked or in the Java world or in the UNIX world. The results, as seen from our reports of these days, are evident both in the scientific / technical field and in that of digital video we see more and more products "brought" by other operating systems to be equipped with Mac compatibility.

Hopes that Apple also cultivates and tries to encourage in their realization as evidenced by the continuous underlining on the UNIX roots of its operating system and by the work that its managers are doing towards third parties to convince them of the ease with which they can bring products for UNIX on Mac OS X.

The latest effort in the timeline of this strategy appeared online yesterday when Apple set up a schematic guide to the port of UNIX applications to Mac OS X on its developer website. The document provides help to everyone I mean. bring UNIX products to Mac OS X, presents the necessary background information and the main topics to deal with in this process. The essential advantages of Mac OS X compared to UNIX and which can be added to an application during porting are also schematically illustrated. A simple introductory guide, is defined by Apple, but of sure interest for the large number of those who work. with UNIX but they begin to look at Mac as a good way to expand their business towards areas, such as consumer and graphics, where for now UNIX still has little appeal. The document can be consulted offline even in a convenient PDF format

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