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Apple buys the Dark Sky weather app: closure on Android

Apple buys the Dark Sky weather app: closure on Android

Apple bought Dark Sky, a weather app that had recently jumped to the top of the category rankings. Users and the specialized press have appreciated the beautiful design, the completeness of functionality and the reliable forecasts.

On Android, the app will close: from now is no longer available for download, and those who have already installed it on their device (even those who have purchased the premium subscription to remove advertising) will be able to use it only until 30 June. The same fate will fall to the app for Wear OS.

Dark Sky also offered an API which allowed third-party apps to use your data: that too, even later in time, will be closed: we are talking about the end of 2021. The iOS app will continue to be available, but the official announcement adds a "for now" that does not inspire the utmost confidence.

There are no details on the motivation that pushed Apple to this move but, in short, it seems rather obvious to foresee that the goal is somehow improve the default iOS Weather app. This is usually the purpose of tech giants when they are interested in small independent apps – remember for example Acompli and Wunderlist for Microsoft (even if the latter did not go as hoped) We are waiting for more information.