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Apple buys Spruce Technologies

Apple continues its policy of affirmation in the digital video sector. In fact, a few minutes ago the news that Cupertino purchased Spruce Technologies spread on the Internet.

The Californian company specialized in the production of software for the creation of DVDs, in particular of the consumer segment. Spruce also produces software with professional features and particular functionalities that are in fact unique, such as the ability to make films interactive with the Web by adding links directly into images and menus.

One of the most interesting details is the support of the C-Cube chips, specialized processors for authoring and MPEG compression and decompression. According to rumors, Apple had reached an agreement in the spring of 2000 (at the time of the purchase of Astarte) to use these processors in the Mac.

Note that Spruce has in the catalog some hardware solutions of great interest such as DVDTransfer which allows the transfer of videotapes to DVD.

The purchase of Spruce, if confirmed, can mean in light of what has been said many things. For example, Apple could in the future produce motherboards "specialized" in video authoring and equipped not only with Firwire ports like the current ones but also with dedicated chips. It could also mean the use of some of Spruce's technologies to further implement iDVD and to land in force also in the Win world (Spruce's products are for Windows, in fact). Time to say which of these hypotheses will have been privileged.

What is certain that Apple does not intend to give up, but on the contrary wants to strengthen its position in the digital video sector, perhaps in combination with machines increasingly oriented towards this purpose whose first specimens, difficult to doubt, we will see already in New York.