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Apple bought the domain in 2007. Is this the name of the tablet?

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MacRumors has evidence that Apple purchased the domain likely in anticipation of the introduction of a new device. The domain in 2004 was originally registered by a company called "Eurobox"; subsequently (in 2006) switched to the "Data Docket". In 2007 the domain was transferred to the registrant, a company that manages the registration of domain names and is responsible for protecting trademarks on behalf of various companies, including Apple.

As typically happens in these operations, the name of the real registrant was initially masked in order to prevent recognition of the real domain owner; if what has been reported so far can be a simple series of coincidences, investigating the history of the domain, it is possible to verify that in 2007 the Apple name displayed in the list of actual owners of the "" domain. Apple appears for a few weeks as the owner of the domain, but various indications prove the still effective ownership of the Cupertino house.

The url does not currently take you to any website. According to rumors circulating for several weeks, Apple could announce a tablet device in early 2010 and "iSlate" could be one of the eligible names for the new device. Remember that everything could also mean nothing: Apple, like other manufacturers, registers various domain names, but these are not always used for precise and defined purposes. (By Mauro Notarianni)