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Apple, balance in line with forecasts

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Apple hits the forecast for the quarter and reports a profit that before the restructuring costs was 7 million dollars.

The figure in line with what was announced but net of amortization and other non-recurring expenses becomes a liability of 45 million dollars, 13 cents per share. The figure is significantly lower than that recorded last year when Apple closed the 90 summer days for the same period with a profit of 66 million dollars.

Apple, like other companies, pays a still very weak market which reduces the prospects for market growth.

The turnover, in fact, was more or less that of last year in the same period, 1.44 billion dollars, with a gross operating margin for almost 4% lower: 26.4 against 30.1. During the last quarter, Apple has in fact lowered the costs of numerous products but above all paid the numerous promotions put in place to stimulate the market.

Among the most significant positive data is the growth in the adoption of Mac OS X which according to Apple would have reached 5 million users. Cupertino also highlights the 2.25 million visitors during the quarter and the 100 million dollars in sales of Apple stores on the American market. The liquidity of $ 4.3 billion also remains significant.

During the quarter, Apple sold 734,000 Macs, 14% less than the same quarter last year.

The next quarter does not mark significant progress even if according to the company's data the financial statements will continue to remain positive excluding non-recurring costs. Normally the current quarter is the richest of the year for Apple as for other IT players; the fact that the forecast is essentially minimal progress means that the apple management does not plan to release products of great appeal in the coming weeks and that in any case there will not be a real market recovery.