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Apple and China Mobile: iPhone talks continue

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Apple and China Mobile: negotiations for iPhone continue – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Negotiations between Apple and China Mobile, the most important Chinese mobile operator, for the marketing of iPhones are still open. This was revealed by Wang Jianzhou, president of the company, information immediately taken up by The Wall Street Journal, Cnet and who is now making the rounds of the Network. We recall that in the last days of August, China Unicom announced the achievement of the agreement for the marketing of iPhone in China. China Unicom is the only Chinese operator to use a cellular network with standard 3G technologies, thus making the adoption of iPhones less problematic, in addition, the contract does not provide for iPhone exclusivity.

China Mobile, on the other hand, is the leading operator in the country with over 140 million subscribers: in case of success, Cupertino could thus win an immense potential market, which would be added to that of China Unicom, the second largest Chinese operator. On the other hand, China Mobile uses a cellular network based on Chinese TD-SCDMA technologies and which would require a substantial change to the iPhone circuitry for its network operation.

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