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Apple also cheats customers on available memory … just like Samsung

Apple also cheats customers on available memory ... just like Samsung


Apple also cheats customers on available memory … just like Samsung

Even Apple ready to end up in the storm of memory shortage or rather the mockery as regards the difference between the memory advertised and sold by the various manufacturers and the one actually available at the time of the first ignition. Indeed after Samsung, too Apple is about to end up under investigation because the declared memory is not the one actually available on the device.

In fact, a 16 GB iPad has only 12.6GB available, therefore over 3GB "lost" for the installation of the operating system and all the system apps. All Apple products literally "steal" over 3GB of regularly purchased space and here the Antitrust Authority is ready to fight hard to enforce users' direct rights. It is obvious that space is needed to install the operating system and the basic apps but at least not to advertise a product with 16GB of memory when in reality the user has just over 12 available. In recent years, Microsoft and Samsung also ended up under investigation for the same problem but with a fine of one million euros for unfair commercial practice imposed by the AGCM.

As you can see in the previous table, on Samsung devices the percentage of memory stolen by manufacturers reaches up to 78% and therefore of the 4GB paid you will have less than one GB. So the time to clarify the memory actually purchased and available on the device.

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