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Apple: all the news from the WWDC

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Apple surprises at WWDC with many new features: iOS 7, the new Mac Pro (which seemed forgotten), Macbook Air, iWork on icloud and the iTunes Radio

by the TestI burn

Twitter: @IlTestardoBlog

arrived: iOS 7 finally real, and simply unbelievable! After so much waiting and after so many indiscretions, stolen images and spoken phrases, here are all the most important news from Apple at WWDC. Tim Cook, the CEO, took the stage of the WWDC and welcomed journalists, opened the dances. After talking about the percentages of use and customer satisfaction, Tim Cook has finally presented the highly anticipated novelties of iOS 7. The Apple team has worked hard on what has been called the biggest update of iOS since the introduction of the first iPhone. Totally revolutionized , in the hall of the WWDC all stand up after the introductory video, the new multitasking (in the wake of Android), new minimal and innovative design, layered system actually already presented by Android several times, but made fantastic on Apple devices .

iOS 7In iOS 7, every app has been redesigned. Every app! But also elements such as the dock, the notification center and multitasking. The graphical interface of iOS 7 also 3D and motion-sensitive: that is to say that the icons adapt according to how you will rotate the device. The new multitasking of iOS 7 that maintains an excellent autonomy of the device regardless of the frozen Apps. Such as? Thanks to process priority management: the most used Apps will take precedence over the others.Also completely redesigned Safari, now more minimalist and elegant with new features, including iCloud Keychain Access to synchronize passwords between multiple devices, a new smart search field, parental controls and a new tab view. Removed on safari the limit to the 8 Web pages simultaneously open. Changes also for the Camera app, redesigned but fundamentally similar and, as expected, also with the new photographic filters that can be used in real time. Also new with regard to the camera roll that is called Moments and organizes the photos in a precise way based on the shooting date and not only. The Music application has been revised (present an alternative graphics to that of Cover Flow for the horizontal mode) and to laiTunes Radio has been implemented inside! The much talked about iRadio in completely free! iTunes Radio will allow you to listen to music via the Internet, just like a web radio, obviously personalizing the music genre. iOS 7 will be available only at the end of the year for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, while developers will be able to try the first beta version of the new firmware starting today. Apple has made the new SDK available.

iWork on iCloud

Added iWork on iCloud, with which it will be possible to edit and create documents both with a PC and with a MAC and use them on iPhone or iPad.

The return of the Mac Pro

MAC PRO returns to the forefront of the professional market, ready to completely redesign the Desktop standard now on the world market, a 12 Core with 1866Mhz Ram and a band up to 60GB / s, Thunderbolt 2, up to 20Gbps, and 6 connected devices cascaded to the single door. Dual GPU from AMD with 4096 stream processors and support for up to 3 4K displays, for those who will never have the money to support them. Totally new design, which has amazed everyone: a cylindrical shape. On the net, many have joked: "it looks like a beer bottle" perhaps the most widespread sarcastic comment. But the graphic designers, videomakers, those who design in 3D really felt the lack of the super-mac table-top that was made to wait for years.

The new Macbook AirThen Phill Schiller went on stage to talk about the new MacBook Air. The devices have been revolutionized starting from the battery that now even allows a whole day of autonomy. Revalued with Haswell processor, GPU improved by 40% more powerful. It even went from a duration for the 11-inch model to 5 hours to 9 hours. The new products will be compatible with the brand new WiFi 802.11ac standard.

Numbers900,000 applications on the market with 50 billion downloads and 375 000 applications for iPad.575.000.000 Apple account Just a few figures, 1 million visitors a day in the apple stores, new Apple stores, one of which is in a historic centenary theater. Curiosity: Apple sold all the tickets for this WWDC in 71 seconds.

Finally Tim Cook back on stage again for concluding … Restoring the best user experience to its users and continuing to innovate. This . This is what counts. The experience of a product. Com when you use it, how it improves our lives.