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Apple AirPods X Generation spotted in a $ 399 inventory

Cuffie Apple

Within a few weeks a new Apple-branded audio accessory will arrive: even if the name AirPods X Generation refers directly to the range of true wireless white earphones of the multinational of Cupertino, most likely it is a different device. According to most observers, it could be the new top-of-the-range wireless headphones that are anticipated since 2018.

The name AirPods X Generation also flanked by a price, $ 399, and was spotted by several employees of the US chain of stores Target, within the database of the products offered for sale by the company, as shown by a screen published by the US youtuber John Posser. In view of the arrival of a new product in the list, companies often prepare with the insertion of a placeholder in the internal product database.

For this reason, both the name AirPods X Generation and the combined price are not to be considered the final and official ones. In recent days some advances have circulated of a new model of Apple earphones referred to as AirPods Pro Lite, but it is not yet clear what functions and features they may have. According to some, it may be a new version of AirPods Pro but without noise cancellation, in any case, the offer of Apple headsets with three models and three very close price ranges, seems already complete.

For all these lipothesis reasons at the most plausible moment that AirPods X Generation could be the new top of the range Apple headphones: in this article we report the post of John Posser with the sighting screen in the Target internal database, as well as some concepts of how could be. The inclusion of new products arriving in the Target inventory usually takes place a few weeks in advance or at least one month from actual availability. Cupertino could present them shortly or during the expected Apple keynote on March 31st.

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