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Apple action with tribute, from OneShare

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If you believe that buying shares is a good investment and if you believe that choosing Apple stock (dizzying growth in recent months) may be your choice of active savings, then you have the option of going to the bank and ordering a certain number of AAPLs, but then you will be given a very sad piece of paper with your investment in the Cupertino company noted.

Would you like more?

For some time paper certificates no longer exist, to streamline bureaucracy and decrease costs, but some specialized companies, in addition to selling shares, also provide certificates of this or that company.

If you want to keep one or more shares framed at home, you can take advantage of OneShare which produces the certificate, frames it and sends it to you directly at home.

The opportunity to mention OneShare is because a promotion was launched (limited in time) related to the Apple title: those who order at least 1 AAPL with a base frame (wood or metal) can receive a pre-paid card of $ 15 for iTunes Music Store (US).

Anyone wishing to seize the opportunity and the reduced price of an AAPL (due to the recent split that brought the price to just over $ 40) and the $ 15 digital music tribute, know that in addition to the share price, you will have to add $ 74 frame, $ 39 of OneShare costs, for a total of about $ 150, then if you want it delivered in Italy you have to add another $ 39 and from the total of just under $ 200 customs fees are excluded.

Just click here and at the end of the order, report "itunes" (without quotes) in the "promo code" field.