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Apple A14 is expected to be the world's first 5-nanometer processor

Before reaching the market and even before production starts, the 5-nanometer Apple A14 of the iPhone 2020 is expected to be the first System on Chip in the world made with this technology. Recall that on several occasions and keynote Apple has emphasized its firsts in the field of processors for mobile devices, for years the fastest ever of any competitor, as well as among the most efficient in terms of energy consumption.

Cupertino earned the throne in the sector with Apple A7, the first 64bit mobile processor in the world and then again in 2018 with Apple A12, the first 7-nanometer SoC in the world. Considering the collaboration with TSMC and the huge investments made for years, it is very likely that this year with Apple A14 to 5 nanometers arriving with the iPhone 12 Apple will get a new record.

In the past months and years, clues have emerged several times in this sense, with investments exhibited already in 2018 by TSMC and an impressive roadmap that has led the chip and processor manufacturer from Taiwan to dominate the most sophisticated construction technologies. As the size of the transistors is reduced, improvements in speed and energy consumption are obtained.

The production process of the 5-nanometer Apple A14 with EUV lithography, abbreviation of Extreme Ultraviolet, applied to the ARM Cortex-A72 core is expected to lead to an increase of 1.8 in the density of the transistors and a 15% increase in the speed of the processor compared to the previous 7 nanometer process used for Apple A12 and then with improvements also in Apple A13 of the current iPhone 11 range.

Peace between TSMC and GlobalFoundries eliminates risks for Apple and iPhone

According to DigiTimes, everything is ready at the TSMC plants for the start of industrial production, scheduled for the second quarter of this year, in time to accumulate stocks in view of the launch of the new iPhone 5G 2020. According to what has emerged so far, TSMC will also be for this 2020 the only manufacturer exclusively of Apple processors. Still according to advances, it seems that two thirds of the entire production capacity with TSMC's 5 nanometer process will be used to meet Cupertino's demand, thus leaving limited space for competing mobile processors.

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