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Apple: a new acquisition could improve the photos of the next iPhone

Apple could have completed a very interesting acquisition, according to what reported by Bloomberg. It is about Spectral Edge Ltd., a UK startup that deals with realizing software solutions capable of improve photographic algorithms.

In particular, the company specializes in combine images taken with infrared-sensitive sensors along with traditional photos, in order to obtain final results that present more precise colors and with more details. This technology can be applied to further improve night-time images and has also been tested to increase the quality of shots taken by surveillance cameras and drones.

In short, this is an acquisition that could bring some very interesting technologies to Apple, capable of making the camera of its devices even more efficient in unusual conditions of use. Already this year we have witnessed an improvement in overall quality thanks to the excellent work on products such as iPhone 11 Pro Max (we talked about it during the review phase); who knows, the next models will not be able to make a further marked leap forward.

The details of the agreement between Apple and Spectral Edge are not known, but it seems that the startup has raised about 5.3 million dollars during a financing campaign held last year, so the value of the operation should greatly exceed this figure.