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Apple, 5 iPhone in 2020, Pro models without physical ports in 2021 | Rumor

Apple will present five iPhone models in 2020: four "iPhone 12" with OLED display and 5G modem, plus one much cheaper with LCD screen which has been widely discussed in the past and nicknamed iPhone SE 2 amicably. The Ming-Chi Kuo supports it, and the rough details of the four iPhone OLED faithfully follow what was expressed a few days ago by JP Morgan. The range will be organized as follows:

  • Two models with two cameras, 5.4 and 6.1 inch display. We could call them the heirs of the iPhone 11.
  • Two models with three cameras, 6.1 and 6.7 inch display. Ideally the heirs of the iPhone 11 Pro. There will be an additional camera for 3D detection with ToF technology.

TF Securities Chinese analyst also says that the design of these smartphones will be very similar to that of the iPhone 4 – and this too is an indiscretion that has been circulating for some time. In this way, iPhones would match the style of the latest generation iPad Pro. Unfortunately there is bad news: for the abandonment of the Lightning proprietary door you will have to wait another year. We'll talk about it then with the iPhone 2021 – and probably only on the higher end models (let's say the "Pro", assuming Apple keeps this nomenclature). Be careful though, you won't go to Type-C: apparently Apple intends to completely remove every physical port, and offer wireless charging only. It is interesting to observe that, at this point, we could really find in wireless packaging and earphones, giving body to the indiscretions of some days ago. These are expensive accessories, though – at least today. How much will the price of devices increase? Can we choose to buy only the iPhone, if we already have chargers and headphones?

Also in 2021 a new iPhone SE 2 should also arrive, which the analyst calls iPhone SE 2 Plus. It is interesting to note that, although the name remains very similar, the two devices should differ considerably in terms of aesthetics: iPhone SE 2 will be substantially identical to iPhone 8, while the Plus will be full screen, iPhone X and later, with a 5 display, 5 or 6.1 inches. Still, there will be no Face ID: the fingerprint sensor will remain, and will be placed on the power button.

In short, it seems that Apple wants increasingly diversify its offer going to reach every possible market niche. It is not perfectly clear if only the refreshes of the Pro and SE 2 will arrive in 2021, but it is plausible: it could be a good solution to move to a strategy similar to that used by Samsung and Huawei. The two "normal" iPhones could arrive in the spring, while the Pros in the fall. Not updating the "normal" iPhones in 2021, Apple would have the opportunity to do so six months later, thus spending 18 months between one model and another. It's a lot by current standards, but maybe it's acceptable for Apple.