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App Store payments news: tolerance for non-renewals

app store payments

New arrivals for payments on the App Store. A tolerance of about 15 days will be introduced on non-renewals for the subscriptions of downloaded games and applications.

app store payments

No service interruption due to failure to renew

Application developers and their customers will be relieved of this news: without service interruption, Apple will replicate the payment attempt for a set time. Currently, whenever there is a failure to pay following the purchase or renewal of an app subscription, the services of this application are immediately blocked, with the consequent start of the reactivation procedure. The reasons for which transactions are not successful are the most common: overdue credit cards, rechargeable without due coverage, modification of the cardholder's address, changes on connections with Paypall, etc.

These problems, easily solved by those who must make the payment, today generate a more complex procedure for reactivating the service, not to mention the developer's lost revenue.

With the next update for payments on the App Store, a grace period will be offered for all self-renewing subscriptions.Apple will continue in an attempt to charge the cost for a variable period, estimated between 6 and 16 days, without interrupting the service even if the first attempt is not successful. Subscription services represent a fundamental gain for developers, also in consideration of the fact that the App Store is increasingly concentrating its revenue streams precisely on monthly renewals. The new arrival undoubtedly makes the business more sustainable.

In the third quarter, Apple services revenue increased from $ 10.17 to $ 11.46 billion compared to the previous year: subscription services accounted for one-fifth of the company's revenue. The increase in the offer of subscription apps has certainly dictated the choice of this change. The prospect of managing and maintaining subscriptions for games and applications downloaded on the App Store, will always be easier for both users and developers who will solve some current complications regarding billing and collection on sales.