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App Store, for developers, date of publication of the automated App

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App Store, for developers, date of publication of the automated App –

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Automated iTunes publications for App Store developers. Here is the news that from the past few hours Apple offers to those who are dedicated to creating programs for its store for iPhone and iPod touch.

The opportunity to choose the date on which a program is published on the App Store is very interesting for that group of developers who create programs related to specific events. Previously this particular category of programs had to be simply submitted to the review team that as soon as it had finished its work, made the App available to the public. To be sure that the program was available on time, there was the risk of sending it perhaps too soon, losing the surprise effect or that of the media's pulling; to understand what you mean just think of an app that deals with a sports tournament. Thanks to the new function, the presentation of the program can be anticipated, avoiding the risk of 'arriving long', but also having the certainty that it will not be available before the established date.

In addition to allowing you to choose the application submission date, Apple also allows you to automate price changes. For example, you can launch a program at 79 cents and plan the price increase to 2.39 euros after two weeks and then a reduction after two months. However, maximum flexibility.

It should be noted that the possibility of choosing a publication date does not guarantee that the application will be published exactly on that date if the iTunes team does not have the material time to review it.

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