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App Rejection, an App site where Cupertino says no

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Often news appears on the latest applications rejected by the App Store, with the consequent aftermath that usually accompany the event.Have you ever wondered how many Apps have so far been refused by Apple, from the birth of the App Store until today ?

Not a data available. At least until now, given the birth of App Rejection, a site that proposes itself as a trace of the applications that have been seen closing the door in the face by the Apple. The site is a community powered by the developers themselves, invited to send their feedback, the name of the app, the reason for the refusal and the related comments.

The service could give rise to useful discussions, also to be able to learn from the experiences of others or to be able to find or underline Apple's decisions. To date, only the most striking and well-known cases have risen to the fore, peppered with controversy and high tones of voice; having the opportunity to compare experiences and listen to apparently minor cases, could provide a useful contribution to better understand the mechanisms that regulate the system.


[Edited by Giordano Araldi]