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App Photos of iOS 13: how it changes with the update

One of the most important updates of the new operating system from Apple the iOS 13 Photo app, renewed and improved, let's see in detail what changes

Apple has released iOS 13, the most recent operating system designed for iPhone available on iPhone 6s and later versions. As with all Apple software updates, iOS 13 can be downloaded for free. One of the biggest news is about the photo app DiiOS 13.

We remind you that the update available on all eligible devices via the "Settings" app.To access the update, go to Settings> General> Software update. It may take a few minutes before the update spreads to everyone due to the high demand.

IOS 13 photo app, updates

Over the past few years, Apple has consistently improved the Photos app with machine learning and other technologies to present your photos in new and unique ways to enrich the various ways of viewing and organizing photos. especially to relive memories. ConiOS 13 is no exception and there are a number of improvements that make the iOS 13 App photo more useful than ever.

App organization updated photo

new ios photo organization 13

The main Photos tab in the iOS 13 photo app has been revised, with a new design which aims to put the best photos in the foreground. In addition to the iOS 12 style option to view all your photos, there are new options to view them by day, month and year.

The "Days" view in the Photos app of photo 13 shows the photos taken organized by day, while the "Months" view shows the photos classified "in events" so you can see the best parts of the photos taken in a given month at a stroke. an eye.

In the "Years" view it is possible to view the subsections for each year.In the current year, it will scroll automatically each month so you can get an overview of each month. The nice thing is that when you touch an older year, such as 2018 or 2017, you will see the photos taken at the same time of the year.

foto anno ios 13

So, for example, if June touches the June 2017 card, you will see the photos taken exactly in June 2017. Touching a specific year in this view switch to the "Month" view, where you can further touch a month, which then passes at the "Day" view. A perfect file cabinet.

In all sections, Apple highlights titles like locations, concerts, vacations and more, so you know where the photos were taken.

The new Photo tab separated from the section "For you" introduced in iOS 12. "For you" also shows your post-produced photos, but the Photos tab organizes them based on specific dates while "For you" concentrates on content aggregation of more dates like beach days, trips, specific people, pets and more.

Edited photo editing interface

ios photo edit interface 13

One of the most important updates in the Photos app of iOS 13 is the interface of edit in Photos, which can be accessed every time you touch the "Edit" button on one of the photos.

Instead of hiding the editing tools in the lower part of the image in a series of small icons, iOS 13 puts them in the foreground and in the center, in a new slider that allows you to browse through each adjustment option. Start with the standard automatic adjustment, but scrolling to the left on the editing tools, you can choose the specific adjustment you need.

This new interface reflects more closely the photo editing apps of other apps on the market and puts more tools within reach of iPhone users, making photo editing easier for everyone.

Intensity cursor and editing tools

For each editing tool, there is a slider that allows you to change the intensity of the adjustment, which allows more controlled changes than before. For example, you can select the "Exposure" adjustment tool to lighten or darken a photo and then use the slider to quickly get the desired effect. The intensity has specific numbers, so it is easy to tell at a glance how much of an effect has been applied.

In addition to reviewing the editing interface in Photos, Apple also has added new tools such as vibration adjustment, white balance, sharpness and more. Apple has also improved the automatic cropping and automatic straightening functions, designed to improve the appearance of your photos with a simple touch. During editing, you can enlarge a particular area of ??an image to better see the applied change.

Filter intensity adjustments

ios filter level 13

Although new editing tools are available, there are also filters that Apple has been providing for a long time. Filters in the App Photos diiOS 13they are more functional because the intensity of the filter can be adjusted using a new scrolling tool.

High-key mono lighting effect

Tim Cook

iOS 13 adds a new effect to the Portrait Lighting(available on iPhone X and later) called High-Key Mono.The High-Key Mono is a black and white effect similar to Stage Light Mono, but designed to add a white background instead of a black one.

portrait lighting ios 13

Plus the vertical lighting effects added to the photos in "Portrait" mode can be adjusted with a new scrolling option, which allows you to further modify the added lighting. designed to allow you to adjust the intensity of the lighting, which can dramatically change the appearance of a portrait image.

Video editing in the Photos app of iOS 13

video editing in ios 13

There have been photo editing tools available in the Photos app already for some time, but iniOS 13many of the same tools are also available for the first time for the video editing.

Apple offers editing tools for adjust parameters such as exposure, contrast, saturation, brightness and more, as well as built-in filters that you can apply. You can also use the same automatic adjustment feature in the videos that has long been available for photos to get a quick improvement.

Video editing tools, such as photo editing tools, have sliders to control the intensity of the adjustments so you can make important or subtle changes such as brightness and other elements and tools to adjust the length of the video continue to be available .

There are also tools to straighten out a video, adjust the vertical alignment, adjust the horizontal alignment, flip the video, change the orientation of the video and crop it.

These video editing tools were not available in iOS 12 and in the past this type of video editing required the use of iMovie or other video editing apps. The Photos app will clearly not be suitable for picliclicate edits, where for example you need to add or remove movies, but for simple changes.