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App for Halloween: trick treat on your smartphone

App for Halloween: trick treat on your smartphone

app for Halloween

Ready for the Halloween party? Thanks to your smartphone you will be able to give a more horror touch to the most haunted day of the Celtic year that is celebrated on the evening of October 31st. Indeed, there are different app for Halloween that make this party more special and fun. In this article I will show you the best ones currently in circulation.

Halloween 2018: make the night of witches more terrifying with these apps for Halloween on your Smartphone

Trick or treat? Whether you choose the first or second option, your smartphone will take care of you. In the Stores there are several apps dedicated to the day of Halloween; from those that recommend particular recipes to those specifically designed to make scary jokes. In this guide I thought of listing the best Halloween apps currently on the market. Put away the tricks and costumes, this year to make the witches' party more special, your smartphone will take care of you with the best apps for recipes, scary stories and jokes and phone wallpapers!

App of scary stories

If you are looking for a story of fear, then these are the apps that are right for you. Thanks to these applications you will be able to read, alone or in company, horror scary stories, so as to make the most terrifying day of the year even more terrifying! There are several applications of this kind, but the best ones currently in circulation are two:

App of scary jokes

If what you are looking for is a special way to scare your friends, there are several apps that could be for you. Here are the best

Thanks to this app you can fill your photos with terrifying de-imaginations.You can even customize the specters by putting your contacts' faces! An easy-to-use app capable of handling half the world!

App practically identical to that of before, but for iOS systems. It is currently available for free on iTunes for a limited time. Get Them!

If changing your image is not enough, you can try to scare your friends by changing your voice. You can send disturbing voice messages and let the app tremble to the core!

The variant of the Android version. This app shows very well done and works perfectly, offering many disturbing effects.

App for Halloween wallpapers

If you want to fully immerse yourself in Halloween, then you can't overlook your phone and decorate it with a theme background. Here are the best wallpaper apps that offer lots of Halloween images, both animated and static.

Play with your friends and give yourself a few hours of pure fun using your smartphone or tablet.