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App-commerce, 14% buy from Starbucks with the smartphone

App-commerce, 14% buy from Starbucks with the smartphone

More and more restaurant chains allow you to book from applications and pay before you even get to the store

(Photo: Getty Imges)(Photo: Getty Imges)

With regard to digital solutions for the catering sector, the new frontier is growing the use of the app to order food, those that make customers avoid queues, and speed up the work of employees.

Among the first there was Pizza Hut, which in 2009 created an app dedicated to orders, followed by Chipotle and Taco Bell, engaged for three years now in the production of a geolocalized application that will even allow defining the distance from the collection location of the dishes (never colder!).

Furthermore, for a few weeks, the American pizza giant Dominos has made an app available that allows you to order lunch by voice, talking to a certain Dom. And then again the Subway app, (the sandwich fast food), which with 400 thousand downloads brings home a lot of positive feedback: minimum preparation expectations and immediate payment by credit card, so as not to think about it anymore.

And McDonalds? It seems to be developing McD Ordering, a still unofficial application, which would allow you to order by connecting to a credit card, on which the cost of the desired amount would be automatically charged by scanning a QR code.

In short, a strongly growing trend. This was also confirmed by Howard Schultz, CEO of the Starbucks chain of coffee shops, who said that app purchases represent 14% of total turnover in the USA.

What will be the next card on the table?


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