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AOL, the move away from Microsoft continues

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AOL, the move away from Microsoft continues – logomacitynet1200wide 1

New evidence of Internet Explorer abandonment for America On Line. After the unofficial news that the world's largest provider is preparing to leave Microsoft's browser aside, a partial confirmation comes from the Mac OS X beta version of its package for online services.AOL for Mac OS X, still in phase of development but freely downloadable by subscribers, no longer founded on Internet Explorer but on the Gecko rendering engine, the result of the work done for some years now by the Open Source community that has worked on the successor of Netscape. The news according to which the 'heart 'of Netscape to beat in the AOL browser for Mac OS X, alongside that according to which also the services of Compuserve, a division of America On Line, are provided using Gecko. In addition to this, the same AOL 7.0, the Windows version, could soon be released in public beta version based on Gecko.The release of a browser for America On Line no longer based on Internet Explorer would be a strategically very important fact not only for AOL users but for the whole Internet community. If Microsoft dominates, in fact, unchallenged in the field of surfers and can impose its own standards also for the alliance with America On Line, by far, with more than 30 million users, the most important Internet provider in the world. alliance remained solid even after AOL's purchase of what remained of Netscape since for several years, despite having competing technology at home, America On Line has never repudiated the agreement with Microsoft for the use of IE in his navigation suite. The deal began to waver with frequent court appearances by AOL managers as accusers of Microsoft at the trial for illegal monopoly exercise and then with the release of Windows XP which did not include the connection package . Finally, in January Netscape filed a new lawsuit against Redmond. The passage of AOL to Netscape in Mac OS X, in addition to signaling the continuation of a strategy that has global implications, also a signal of a further rapprochement between the giant of online services and Apple. Last year Cupertino made the default page for Macs and a few days ago announced that iChat, arriving in Jaguar, will allow to exchange messages with America On Line Instant Messenger users.

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