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AOL, no compatibility for Instant Messenger

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AOL, no compatibility for Instant Messenger – logomacitynet1200wide 1

America On Line will suspend the study of a server-level compatibility system of competing messaging systems with those available to its users.

The announcement was made yesterday by AOL itself to the Federal Communication Commission which had long requested the Internet giant to open its servers for Yahoo and Microsoft users who use applications that are currently not compatible with those of AOL itself.

According to America On Line, meeting this demand is currently proving too complex and expensive. Alternatively, AOL will give all those who want to develop an Instant Messenger compatible system the support needed to do so. As evidence of his good will, AOL cites the case of Apple who studied iChat to which full access to the IM server system is provided.

Instant Messenger is currently the most used system for personal messaging on the Internet. With 34 million users it outperforms both MSN Messenger and Yahoo Messenger. The FCC had asked for this particular Internet communication system to be equated to telephone services and therefore to find a system to make the various 'networks' compatible for the benefit of users.

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