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Announcements APPLE: the 8 most important WWDC 2017

Apple Home Pod

Here are the 8 main innovations announced by Apple at WWDC 2017. Much Software, from iOS 11 to Arkit, but also a lot of hardware: from iMac Pro to iPad Pro

At the start of the WWDC 2017 event of Apple that hosted on the stage the key executives Craig Federighi, Phil Schiller and, of course, Tim Cook, and together they presented the updates concerning iPhone, MacBook, Apple TV and more. Here are the highlights of the keynote:


We found out that Apple was not at all aiming for a smart speaker to go against Amazon Echo and Google Home, or maybe Sonos home speakers. HomePod, uses spatial awareness to tune in and fill the room better with space-based sound in which it is present. It also has a "Musicologist" function, which works in conjunction with Apple Music, which broadcasts the requested music to Siri. It is also possible to ask more complex questions about songs like: "Who the drummer of this song?" Or "Which albums came out today 20 years ago?" The HomePod will be available in two colors – black or white – and can be integrated with Siri in a houses similar to that used by Amazon Echo and Google Home. The cost is around $ 349, and will be released around December first in the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia and the following year in other international markets.

Apple Home Pod

Apple introduced the updated iMac desktops with Retina displays, graphical increments, Kaby Lake processor and USB-C. They will also support graphics for VR content creation. During the keynote, Apple proposed a VR game demo with Darth Vader and other Star Wars characters. The new iMac Pro has a 5K display with improved cooling capacity and an 8-core Xeon processor (upgradeable up to 18) core) and up to 4TB of SSD, up to 128GB of ECC memory, four Thunderbolt 3 ports and integrated 10GB Ethernet. The new iMac has a starting price of $ 1,099 for the 21.5-inch model and $ 1,299 for the 4K model. MacBooks will also be updated: The MacBook Pro will start at $ 1,299 and have the updated Kaby Lake processor. The iMac Pro starts at $ 4,999 and will be made available in December.

iMac Pro Technical Features

Apple iOS 11

The new version of the iOS software has updates that point straight to social media, an update of Siri with improved speech, the ability to help translate phrases in different languages ​​and others learned by means of the device that will be suggested by actions taken via iPhone or iPad. IMessages now on iCloud, and can delete conversations synchronized from any device under the same account. With iMessage you can also make payments or receive them. Even the photos have been improved, with better performance in low light conditions and the possibility of editing the photos in real time. There is also a new control center that is based on 3D Touch and condenses most of the controls in the lower half of the screen without cluttering up. There is also a new security feature that recognizes when a user is driving and turns on automatically, entering in Do not disturb mode so as to prevent distractions. With Apple Music, instead, you will be able to see what your friends are listening to and browse the shared playlists. Finally, the App Store has been redesigned, restoring the "App of the Day" section to promote users to open the App more frequently. Store.

iOs 11

iOS 11 for IPAD

On the iPad front, iOS 11 improves the multitasking that allows users to extract an application from the dock and drag it to the screen to divide it into two, with an action similar to what you do with the MacBook, you can also drag folders, files or photos in an application, such as Mail or iMessage. Handwritten text from an Apple pencil will also be searchable from the Notes application. Apple said it had used in-depth learning to recognize the pen. Apple also briefly talked about the Files application, released a few hours before the keynote was launched, and it is a management system that is used to sort files by size. it's given.

Apple ARkit for developers

Just as Lauren Goode had predicted, Apple introduced a new ARKit to allow developers to develop augmented reality applications for iPhone. The kit can help you find aircraft, track movement and estimate scale and ambient lighting. Popular applications such as Pokmon Go will use ARKit to make real-time rendering more effective. Ask for external hardware such as Microsoft's HoloLens – Apple seems to be betting on ARKit to deliver impressive quality images through a device that many people already own.

Apple ArKit

iPAD PRO 10.5 inches

The iPad Pro will now be available in three different sizes, with a new 10.5-inch model with a 12-megapixel camera – just like the iPhone 7 and the 7-megapixel selfie range. It supports USB 3.0 and has a battery life of around 10 hours. It is a new feature called ProMotion which reduces the latency of the Apple Pencil to 20 milliseconds. You can also automatically adjust the frequency of updates based on what you are watching (fast moving video and still image). ProMotion also doubles the refresh rate up to 120Hz. The 10.5-inch iPad Pro will be available in advance (starting next week) from a 64GB configuration for $ 649.

iPad Pro


The next version of macOS will be called High Sierra and will come with Safari updates that help block site trackers and autoplay videos. Apple has also added new photo editing tools such as curves (useful for those who do not have Adobe Photoshop) and has better filtering tools to sort images by keywords or faces. An update of the file management system will be part of integral to the update that accelerates directory cloning with native encryption. As for the graphics, there is a second version of Metal, which is a support for VR. The Metal 2 developer kit can be ordered with an AMD GPU to tune external graphics applications.

Apple MacOs High Sierra


Upgrade for Apple Watch on the way and will have new faces showing different types of information, such as Siri reminders or more visual ones that feature Toy Story or Mickey Mouse characters. There is also an update focused on functionality, which includes monthly challenges to encourage people to become more active and share NFC data so they can connect the Apple Watch with gym equipment, to share not only calorie consumption, but also to have a more accurate tracking of the information. There is also a new app for music that makes searching and playing music via Apple Watch more visual, from now it is possible to use a new layout of the dock to scroll through the open applications of recent.

Apple WatchOS 4