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Angry Jobs: the Tweet written by iPad disappears from the Web

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Jobs showed iPads to journalists from the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, the enterprising editor Alan Murray, a journalist from the financial magazine, used the shiny new tablet to post a message on Twitter.

A nice message that said only "written with iPad, how do you like it?", But which Steve Jobs didn't like very much: indeed, according to the rumors that leaked from the world of New York publishing, very liberal and indiscreet, the Apple CEO would be gone mad. Within a few hours the fateful tweet disappeared from the page of Alan Murray who is now understandably hidden behind a curtain of silence.

"I would love to discuss the topic, but I can't," Murray replied to a request for clarification via email, a very short response that confirmed the suspicion of all observers.

It should be noted that, "Jobs furious or not", by posting the tweet and declaring that he wrote it with iPad, Murray has certainly violated a non-disclosure agreement that all people admitted to iPad have signed before receiving the device. In the past, Apple has often given its devices to a select group of people, but only to prepare them for review. A privilege for which, in return, you must not only not show the product in question, but also make it known that you have it.