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Android, two apps to recover pins and data in memory

With Droid Unlatch and Undeleter the most forgetful will also be able to recover pins and data in memory on smartphones

It was time. Finally we have our new smartphone in hand and we look forward to pulling it with friends, taking a nice selfie with the wideangle of the front camera or giving us in with the download booster. And here one morning, after all the effort spent putting the included cell phone offers in order to allow us a top of the line to make envy, we realize that we have forgotten the unlock code, or, even worse, lost all those selfies saved in memory. But don't panic: before slipping into the abyss or unseating your cell phone, ask yourself if c a method to recover deleted pins and data. Or at least to be able to do it next time.

And the method c. If among all the smartphones we have chosen a device with an Android operating system, we can indeed consider ourselves more than fortunate. Of all the strangest apps ever invented by the most famous green robot in the world, this kind of software could not be missing. In particular, our salvation anchors are called Droid Unlatch and Undeleter and allow, respectively, to recover the pin avoiding the formatting of the mobile phone and to restore the lost folder containing the most important data.

Recover the pin with Droid Unlatch

Droid Unlatch on Play Store

Thanks to Droid Unlatch we can therefore say goodbye to the most popular and violable passwords in history. The qwerty or 1234 codes, for example, still at the top of the charts for diffusion and uselessness, will only be a faint memory in the already memorable memory of the most distracted web users, who will finally be able to indulge themselves in strokes of genius and paroliberism. By downloading the app from Google Play at the price of 0.65 euros, and configuring it, inserting two email addresses and two different trusted phone numbers, even the most irreconcilable pin will in fact be engraved in the stone.

Without failing to protect our privacy, Droid Unlatch will remain muted until needed, allowing us to use our smartphone as usual. But if oblivion arrives that morning, the app automatically activates on the display, overriding the request to enter the PUK. Following the procedure, you will lok al restore security settings with the generation of a new unlock code, immediately sent to the previously registered contacts. You can then recover the pin in a few minutes and, perhaps the case, set a new one.

Recover data in memory with Undeleter

Undeleter on Play Store

Before starting the Undeleter app for the recovery of deleted datainstead, it is better to recite a prayer. This is because the recovery procedure may not be successful, especially if the submerged documents had previously been damaged. As for indulgences, then, if the free download of the app from Google Play allows you to recover a limited number of file extensions, only with the purchase, at a price of 4.20 euros, that you can unlock all the features of the app. with the extension, in fact, that in addition to removing the advertising banners we will be able to bring to light the entire archive, already ordered in lists divided by type, remotely or in the cloud.

To save what can be saved, however, you must first acquire the root permissions on our phone so that you can act directly on the operating system. Undeleter's software, by the way, operates its own scan and carries out the repechage of the deleted contents, starting from the system memory. Thanks to an immediately understandable interface and an extremely simple wizard, then, we will be able to choose which partition to analyze and how. You can choose, specifically, between Deep Scan, for a thorough selection of data or, if we are so careless as not even remember thing recover, Journal, for a general reading of the memory.


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