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Android software on Mac

Android software on Mac


Use Android apps on Mac. Install Android programs on Mac. Android apps on Mac. Download Android apps on Mac. Use Android apps on Mac

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How to use Android apps like Whatsapp and Instagram on Mac

Using the App Runtime for Chrome (ARC) engine, you can run various Android applications on the Mac, calling them from a dock window called Chrome application launcher. Here's how to proceed.

Do you want to use Android programs and applications on your Mac? Thanks to this guide you can do it extremely easily and quickly.Would you like to use Android apps on Mac without having to go through a smartphone? It can be done quite simply, as we explained a few days ago, through App Runtime for Chrome (ARC).

By following our simple instructions, in fact, you will have the possibility to download Android apps on Mac is start most of the programs made for Android directly on your Mac.

As we all know, programs made for Android only work (rightly) on Android and you cannot download and install them on other operating systems. In normal conditions, in fact, Android programs cannot be used on Windows or Mac. With a special guide and some steps, to, you can use Android apps on your Mac without major difficulties. In this way, for example, you can use Whatsapp and Instagram on Mac, just to make a couple of examples. But the guide will allow you to use any Android application or program on Mac.

How to emulate Android on Mac

If you are interested in find out how to use, download and install Android apps on Mac, here are the steps you need to follow to reach your goal.

How to use Android apps on your home Mac computer

Before the guide that explains step by step how to use Android applications on Mac, I propose a video that, in a few minutes, explains how to use Android programs on Mac. The video is very clear and simple to follow, but, if in doubt, below you will also find the guide that explains and illustrates each individual step to follow to install and download Android app on Mac.

As promised, if the video was not enough, here is the guide that explains how to do it download and install Android apps on Mac.

Use Android apps on your Mac

First of all, download and install the Google Chrome internet browser, otherwise you will not be able to do anything.

If you already have Google Chrome installed, you're ready to go.

Run Android apps on Mac, here's how

Step 1: Download the ARC Welder app from Google Chrome -> LINK

Step 2: Download any Android program in APK format on your Mac -> LINK

Step 3: Launch ARC Welder and select a directory

Step 4: Click on Add your APK to select the previously downloaded APK file

Step 5: Click on Download ZIP and on Save to save it in the directory you have selected in Step 3

Step 6: Open the directory of Step 3 and extract the newly created ZIP file

Step 7: On Google Chrome, open the Extensions section and put a check on the "Developer Mode"

Step 8: Load the previously extracted extension by clicking on Load and look for the already unzipped file in the directory of Step 6, then click on Select

Step 9: Open the Launchpad and click on "Start Applications" in Google Chrome

The apps listed in the Chrome Application Launcher tool can be organized in various ways (just drag them with the mouse); to uninstall a program just click with the right mouse button / trackpad and choose uninstall.

Google aims to bring Android apps to Mac

End: you are now ready to enjoy all (or almost) Android apps on your Mac. Unfortunately, for obvious reasons, not all apps will work properly: you will have to try every single program according to your needs. As anticipated, however, programs like WhatsApp and Instagram work correctly. For example, you can try to start some games, so you can spend some moments of leisure using the Android games on your Mac.

In the case of WhatsApp remember that the app executed on the Mac considered to be the same as an app executed on the phone and that it is not possible to use WhatsApp simultaneously both on the computer and on a real smartphone (or use it on the computer, or use it on the phone).

Now really everything: we have concluded our guide to use, download and install Android apps on Mac.


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