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Android PlayStation emulator: which to download and how to use it?

Emulare Playstation Android

Who of you owned the old dear PlayStation 1 and would like to play it again even if it broke, sold / donated or other? Do you want to relive the emotion of replaying i videogame who made the history of the videogame world notwithstanding the modest, but very advanced for the time? Thanks to the help of a smartphone, now possible thanks to a municipalityAndroid PlayStation emulator, downloadable directly on your device. But let's find out together how to do it and how it works!>>>> Discover also how Android PSP emulator, guide and download games

How to download Android PlayStation Emulator

There are multiple apps that can act as an Android PlayStation emulator, however we recommend using them FPSE which, although at the moment costs 2.79, will not make you regret the small expense faced to have it, given the high quality of emulation as well as the total compatibility (later I will indicate you where to download the PlayStation games); but let's proceed immediately with the guide PlayStation emulator:

  • Buy the Android PlayStation emulator from the Play Store and install it; FPse for android
  • Also get the BIOS file "scph1001.bin"Which you must then place in the path you created" FPSE / BIOS ";
  • Then start the application, click on "load BIOS", go to where you have copied the file "scph1001.bin"And select it (this is an operation that must be performed only the first time).
Emulate Android PS1 "width =" 700 "height =" 300Nostalgia for this iconic screen?

Beyond that, there will be no need to make further settings to emulate PlayStation with Android, in fact the emulator already configured to operate at its best, nevertheless if you still want to "comb through" the various settings (such as activate / deactivate the audio, decide the style and transparency of the touch controller, etc. ..) nobody prevents you from doing it; finished the short tutorial PlayStation emulator, let's move on to fulfilling the download PlayStation games.

Download PlayStation games

After reading how to set up the Android PlayStation emulator, you have to download the ROMs of the videogame(remember that illegal to do the download games PlayStationunless you already have the original copies) which must be in format.img,.iso,.bin,.cue,.nrg,.mdf or.z and will be transferred for convenience to the "FPSE / GIOCHI" course. Disclaiming any responsibility, we still report a couple of sites to download PlayStation games:

Of course there are really many, so if you don't like the two aforementioned look for others on Google; I warn you that to start the games on the Android PlayStation emulator you will have to press the men button on your smartphone / tablet, then "eject" and lastly indicate the previous path where you decided to save them.


As you can deduce, it is very easy to install the Android PlayStation emulatorsince no extruded maneuvers have to be carried out apart from the initial BIOS loading; in conclusion, you can find a gallery below with screenshots of the videogamein action:

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